About Creative World

July 16-30, 2016 in Washington, DC

Creative World highlights the global importance of six interactive concepts: creativity, design, imagination, innovation, invention, and entrepreneurship (in all its varied cultural, social, and commercial forms). When two or more of these six concepts are put into play with one another, serious positive transformations across commerce, culture, education, and government frequently occur.

Washington, DC is the launch point for this exciting global initiative that celebrates and gives prominence to positive transformations occurring at local, regional, national, and global levels. This kaleidoscope of activities, cultures, exchanges, ideas, languages, nations, and topics gives expressive voice and power to the importance of these six concepts. It is made possible by the willingness of many parties from the greater DC-area, nationally, and globally to work together sharing ideas, people, project, facilities, and other resources to ensure the success of this new venture.

DC Area-Based Coalition

Organizations listed have informally indicated their desire to participate and represent only a partial and rapidly growing list of participating entities; the Center for the Creative Economy (DC) is taking the lead in organizing this coalition.
African Methodist Episcopal Church
AHAA – the voice of Hispanic Marketing
Arlington Economic Development
Carnegie Science
Center for the Creative Economy (DC)
Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area
Convergence Center for Policy Reconciliation
DC Chamber of Commerce
DC Office of the Deputy Mayors for Business and Economic Development and Hospitality and Tourism
DC Office of Cable TV, Film, Music, and Entertainment
Cultural DC
Cultural Tourism DC
Destination DC
The George Washington University
Global Entrepreneurship Network
Inter-American Development Bank
Organization of American States
Sister Cities International
Washington Design Center

Lead Organizers

Dennis Cheek
Executive Director, National Creativity Network and Co-chair, Global Creativity United


George Koch
President, Center for the Creative Economy (DC)


Maryann Lombardi
Executive Director, Lerner Auditorium, George Washington University
Susan Soroko
Director, Creative Economy, Arlington Economic Development (VA)