Creative World - DC Launch

Welcome from the Co-organizers of Creative World - DC

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Welcome to Creative World – DC, the global launch event for a new way for cities to discover their many resources, ideas, organizations, and people who are daily exercising their imagination, creativity, innovation, design, invention, and entrepreneurship talents to make the world a better place. We recognize the important and positive role that these six concepts play within the lives of individuals, organizations, neighborhoods, cities, regions, nations, and the world. We also acknowledge that unfortunately each of these concepts can also be expressed in ways that bring harm and prevent solutions to problems of the human condition from being resolved. Eight events spread across venues throughout the greater DC area make up this year’s edition of Creative World – DC. We thank our initial set of partners for their many and varied contributions and those willing to share their stories without charge so that others can benefit. Be sure to register ASAP for various events that are of interest to you as space is limited. And help get the word out . . . . Keep imagining, creating and innovating, The Lead Co-Organizers of Creative World – DC

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