World Summit on the Creative Economy and Creative Industries – Day 1

World Summit on the Creative Economy and Creative Industries – Day 1

Global Creativity United and a Greater DC-area Coalition of Partners
proudly present the inaugural
World Summit on the Creative Economy and Creative Industries
July 27-28, 2016, 9 AM – 4 PM

1776 – Crystal City

2231 Crystal Drive, Suite #1000 (10th floor)

Arlington, VA 22202

streaming live via YouTube

Agenda (Day 1)

Welcome (9:00 – 9:10):
Co-Chairs of Global Creativity United: Dennis Cheek, National Creativity Network (USA) and Rasmus Tscherning, Creative Business Cup (Copenhagen, Denmark)
George Koch, President and CEO, Center for the Creative Economy, DC; Chair Emeritus of Artomatic, and Co-Lead Organizer for Creative World – DC
Session 1: The Increasingly Visible Creative Economy in Global Perspective (9:10 – 10:40)

Chair: Dennis Cheek, Executive Director, National Creativity Network, Jacksonville, FL and Oklahoma City, OK

Global Reflections on the Creative Economy: Rasmus Tscherning, CEO and founder, Creative Business Cup, Copenhagen, Denmark

The Creative Economy within the United States of America: Tyrone W. A. Grandison, Deputy Chief Data Officer, U.S. Department of Commerce, Washington, DC; CEO, Proficiency Labs International, Ashland, OR; Managing Partner, METIS, Inc., OR

A View from a Global Advertising Agency: Alex López Negrete, President & CEO, López Negrete Communications, Houston, TX
Architecture and the Ubiquity of the Creative Industries: Matthew Gilbertson, President and Director of Design, MGA Architecture; Host and Producer, Design Talk Hawaii, Honolulu, HI
Session 2: Urban and Regional Revitalization and the Creative Economy (10:40 – 12:00)
Chair: Maryse Robert, Director, Department of Economic Development, Trade and Tourism, Organization of the American States, Washington, DC

Ricky J. Pesik, Deputy Head, Indonesian Creative Economy Agency, Jakarta, Indonesia

Georja Skinner, Division Chief, Creative Industries, Department of Business, Economic Development & Tourism, State of Hawaii

Nicholas St. Johnstone, Consultant, International Finance Corporation, a member of the World Bank Group

Lunch (12:00 – 1:00)

Session 3: The Role of Creative Industries and Creativity in Economic and Social Development (1:00 – 2:20)

Chair: Uwe Brandes, Director, Urban and City Planning Program, Georgetown University, Washington, DC

Recovering a Cultural Heritage, a Sense of Place, and a New Economy: Bilal Askaryar, Turquoise Mountain, Kabul, Afghanistan
A View from Canada’s First Nations: Don Diduck, President, Verigon Canada, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Issues and Opportunities in Sub-Saharan Africa: Patrick Kabanda, Consultant, Office of the SVP and Chief Economist, The World Bank; music teacher, and globally performing pianist, organist, and speaker, Washington, DC

The Marketing Industry and Culturally Situated Social and Economic Development, Horacio Gavilan, Executive Director, AHAA – the Voice of Hispanic Marketing, Fairfax, VA

Session 4: Watching and Listening to the Deaf Can Renew Architecture in the 21st Century (2:20 – 2:40)
Hansel Bauman, Gallaudet University Architect, Executive Director of Campus Design and Construction, Adjunct Faculty Member, and Co-founder and Project Director, DeafSpace Institute, Washington, DC


Session 5: A Conversation about Unleashing the Creative Talent of Youth to Transform and Enhance Economies and Cultures (2:40 – 4:00)

Chair: Rasmus Tscherning, Co-Chair of Global Creativity United and CEO of Creative Business Cup, Denmark

Short video: Global finals of Creative Business Cup 2015, Copenhagen, Denmark

Ariana Austin, CEO of French Thomas and Founder/Creative Director, Art All Night: Nuit Blanche, Washington, DC

Nicole Gallub, CEO, Pelonkey, Inc., Washington, DC
Patrick Kabanda, Consultant, Office of the SVP and Chief Economist, The World Bank; music teacher, and globally performing pianist, organist, and speaker, Washington, DC
Hanna Oblin, musician, band manager, and student, M.Sc. in Entrepreneurship and Innovation program, IÉSEG School of Management, Paris, France

World Summit Final Agenda

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More About the Organizers

Global Creativity United

GCU is an informal alliance currently comprised of eight organizations with a combined and overlapping presence in 160 nations on six continents. GCU is the creator and sponsor of the World Summit on the Creative Economy and Creative Industries and of Creative World – a new network for global cities whose launch city is Creative World – DC, July 16-30, 2016.

The member organizations of the GCU with the nation within which their HQ is located are:

National Creativity Network (USA) Berlin School of Creative Leadership (Germany), Creative Business Cup (Denmark), Districts of Creativity Network (Belgium), Global Entrepreneurship Network (USA), Korean Entrepreneurship Education Foundation (South Korea), Marconi Institute of Creativity (Italy), and World Forum Lille – Responsible Economy (France).

Our local partners: An informal Greater DC-area Coalition

The DC Center for the Creative Economy has been the lead partner in our launch efforts. Other members of this year’s launch city local coalition include:

African Methodist Episcopal Church, AHAA – the voice of Hispanic Marketing, Arlington Economic Development, AIGA – DC Chapter, Artomatic, BRINK Media, Busboys & Poets, Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area, Convergence Center for Policy Reconciliation, Cultural DC, Cultural Tourism DC, DC AD Club, DC Center for the Creative Economy, DC Chamber of Commerce, DC Office of the Deputy Mayors for Business and Economic Development and Hospitality and Tourism, DC Office of Cable TV, Film, Music, and Entertainment, Destination DC, Global Entrepreneurship Network, Inter-American Development Bank, Lisner Auditorium of George Washington University, Organization of American States (including the Art Museum of the Americas), 1776, Sister Cities International, Tech-Shop DC-Arlington, Washington Design Center, Washington Theological Consortium, Young Americas Business Trust, numerous embassies, professional associations, and local, national, and international nonprofit organizations based in the DC metro area.