International Youth Creative Leadership Congress

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International Youth Creative Leadership Congress



During Creative World – DC, a Planning Group of young creative leaders will begin to conceive and plan, and subsequently execute an International Youth Creative Leadership Congress (IYCLC), by young people – for young people, to be held in the summer of 2017 as part of the Creative World movement.  Tasks include deciding on goals and focus, organizational aspects, marketing, fundraising strategies, recruitment and selection of participants, identifying key supports required for success, and suggested long-term plans beyond 2017 (if any). While the IYCLC will have a f2f component next year, we anticipate that the Planning Group will seek to make it even more inclusive by creative use of a variety of social media platforms that will enable literally thousands upon thousands of young people to participate via these platforms in activities leading up to, including, and beyond the dates of next year’s physical IYCLC meeting.

Organized by:  National Creativity Network, The Center for Global Education, and Young Americas Business Trust.

Partners: Global Creativity United, Inter-American Development Bank and Organization of American States