Welcome to Creative World - DC, July 16-30, 2016

Celebrating imagination - creativity - innovation - invention - design - entrepreneurship

Welcome to Creative World – DC

Welcome to Washington, DC, the launch city for a new concept called Creative World. Creative World – DC is an initiative launched by Global Creativity United (GCU), an informal alliance of eight organizations with a combined and overlapping presence in 160 countries. The National Creativity Network (NCN) has taken the lead in organizing this launch event in partnership with a growing coalition of greater DC-area partners. Creative World – DC emphasizes the impactful interplay among two or more of the following concepts: imagination, creativity, innovation, invention, design, and entrepreneurship (in all its varied social, cultural, and commercial forms). A set of eight major events during the period from July 16-30, 2016 will be going on at venues across the area. Most require registration and a paid ticket for admission. A few are free thanks to some of our sponsors and partners. We welcome you to sample widely this feast of speakers, performances, and experiences in this launch edition. We hope to offer a second edition of Creative World – DC next year and add several other cities to this intended global movement.

Creative World Flyer

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